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Typically, this 11- year old boy was riding his skateboard in the house when after trying a new trick, he lost balance and crashed the skateboard into the wall causing a hole in the plaster.

Naturally his parents were NOT happy and told their son “you break it – you fix it”. With that, his parents discovered there was a product that would not only give a professional finish but even a kid could use it. FILLAHOLE D.I.Y. Plaster Repair Kit was perfect for the job.

After looking at the range of sizes and shapes, the parents chose the “Power Point Kit” feeling that it would be the perfect size to repair the damaged wall. So, they gave the kit to their son, told him to read the instructions and fix the wall.

As you can see by this video, he accomplished the repair without any issues, creating a professional finish and ready to paint within a couple of hours.

If an 11-year-old can achieve this result, how easy will it be for YOU!

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