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In your 150mm square Fillahole® D.I.Y. Plaster Repair kit you will find.

  • 150mm x 150mm plaster block.
  • One backing board.
  • Two filler sachets – (1) for initial fixing, (2) for finishing.
  • One screw to assist with placing the backing plate into the hole.
  • One Fillahole® scrapper.

Note: 80% of Fillahole® D.I.Y. Plaster Repair Kits’ packaging is recyclable.

Square Plaster Block 150mm²

SKU: 9-150-2-29301809-8
  • Fillahole will accept exchanges under the following conditions:

    1. The Fillahole kit is in its original packaging and unopened.

    2. All P&H costs for the exchange is to be bourne by the purchaser.

  • All online orders are shipped via Australian Post.
    Expected delivery up to 10 days from confirmation of order within Australia.

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